Financial Regulations/FinTech Compliance

Our attorneys have experience in legislation, supervision, and inspections at the Financial Services Agency and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.
We provide highly professional advice to financial institutions, financial instruments business operators, and companies seeking to create new business models, based on the viewpoints and thoughts of the regulators.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Provision of legal advice including preparation of written opinions on regulations for financial institutions and financial instruments business operators
  • ●Regulatory compliance
  • ●Support for establishment and operation of funds
  • ●Crowdfunding support, ICO/STO support
  • ●Support for funds transfer service providers and crypto-asset exchange service providers
  • ●Compliance Training

Corporate Crisis Management

With our extensive experience in third-party and internal investigative committees. our attorneys conduct professional investigations into corporate scandals. We also provide advice on responses to the authorities and the media based on our experience.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Third-party committee investigations and internal investigations for various topics (experiences: accounting fraud, insider trading, product fraud, employee embezzlement and fraud, personal information leakage, etc.)
  • ●Whistleblowing response
  • ●Response to authorities (experiences: Financial Services Agency, Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, Consumer Affairs Agency, Fair Trade Commission, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, etc.)
  • ●Media Relations and Crisis Management

Litigations and Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have extensive experience in litigations at Japan's leading law firms. We handle large-scale complex litigations that could seriously affect a company, as well as a wide variety of corporate disputes against other companies, consumers, and governmental authorities, and management disputes. We have extensive experience and know-how to collect right evidence, legally analyze cases, prepare persuasive briefs, and use appropriate court tactics, in order to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Product liability litigations
  • ●M&A lawsuits
  • ●Litigations about business transactions
  • ●Management disputes
  • ●Litigations related to directors' and officers' liability
  • ●Labor disputes
  • ●Tax lawsuits
  • ●Antitrust litigations
  • ●Intellectual property disputes
  • ●Construction and Real Estate lawsuits
  • ●Disputes over developments of systems, websites and applications

Financial and Investment Disputes / Securities Litigation

We have extensive experience and achievements in financial and investment disputes, both on the side of investors and on the side of issuers and securities companies. Our attorneys also handled a number of securities litigations, including the leading Supreme Court cases (Seibu Railway Case Institutional Investors Litigation, Livedoor Case Institutional Investors Litigation).
We aim to maximize the benefit for our clients based on our knowledge and expertise.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Securities lawsuits (claiming for damages) regarding misstatements in securities reports and timely disclosures
  • ●Financial ADR and litigation relating to various investment products and derivatives
  • ●Disputes between investment companies and investees
  • ●Second opinions on various lawsuits

IT and IP Strategic Law

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in providing legal support for IT and other new technologies, as well as strategic advice on various intellectual property matters. We also collaborate with patent attorneys and other experts to provide full support as needed.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Various intellectual property disputes
  • ●Preparation and review of various contracts and terms of use
  • ●Support for trademark and patent applications
  • ●Contractual support for copyrights
  • ●Support for developing strategies for IP utilization

Startup Support

Our attorneys have extensive experience in assisting startup companies. Based on a deep understanding of our clients' businesses, we provide appropriate legal support to maximize results with the minimum legal costs.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Support for incorporation of various companies
  • ●Fundraising support
  • ●Support for investigations regarding the legality of the business model
  • ●Software transactions and website development transaction support
  • ●Platform Business Support
  • ●Intellectual property disputes
  • ●Construction and real estate disputes
  • ●Disputes over developments of systems, websites and applications

Debt Collection / Bankruptcy / Restructuring

Our attorneys have experience handling a wide variety of cases, from large scale to small and medium sized, at one of Japan's leading law firms the main practice of which is business restructuring and bankruptcy, and have also been involved in numerous debt collection cases to help maximize recovery for financial institutions and other creditors. Based on such experience, we provide proper advice for both creditors and debtors.
With the importance of accounting and tax advice in business revitalization, we provide full financial support in collaboration with our affiliated CPAs and tax accountants.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Negotiate debt reduction/exemption with financial institutions
  • ●Private liquidation (Turnaround ADR, use of the Turnaround Initiative Council for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, specified mediation, etc.)
  • ●Legal liquidation (bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, special liquidation)
  • ●Advice to creditors on protection and handling of credit

General Corporate and M&A

Our attorneys provide prompt, flexible, and comprehensive legal services for a wide range of legal matters that our clients face with in the course of business activities. In addition to stock corporations, we also have extensive experience in advising medical corporations, audit corporations, general incorporated associations, general incorporated foundations, municipalities, and other corporations / organizations.
Further, we successfully completed numerous small- and medium-sized M&A transactions. Together with our affiliated CPAs, tax accountants, labor and social security attorneys, and other professionals, we provide smart and compact services that meet our clients' budgets. We also provide legal support for cross-border projects by collaborating with domestic and international experts.

[Examples of services and experiences]

    • ●Preparation and review of various contracts and internal regulations
    • ●Handling real property, commercial and other registrations, supporting various notifications and filings with public offices, etc.
    • ●Franchise system development support
    • ●Various labor matters (labor tribunal, collective bargaining, etc.)
    • ●M&A support (legal and labor due diligence, document preparation and review)
    • ●Compliance with disclosure and insider trading regulations for listed companies
    • ●Legal support for overseas projects
    • ●Provide guidance in the operation of shareholders' meetings and board of directors' meetings
    • ●Establishment and operation of internal control systems
    • ●Appointment of Corporate Auditors, Outside Directors, Outside Committee Members, etc.
    • ●Internal Audit Support

Real Estate Law

Our attorneys provide legal support about real estate matters for landlords, business owners, lessors/lessees, associations, and other capacities and have handled a wide variety of cases. We provide practical advice based on the knowledge, experience, and know-how we have cultivated over the years.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●Support for redevelopment projects
  • ●Dispute resolution regarding real estate sales and leasing
  • ●Handling of problems for restaurants and bars
  • ●Assistance in obtaining and submitting permits for Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprises
  • ●Support for acquisition of land for renewable energy projects
  • ●Dispute resolution regarding soil contamination and other defects on land
  • ●Strategic legal affairs for the effective utilization of real estate

Medical-related Legal Matters

We have worked with healthcare professionals to resolve various legal problems related to hospital operations.
As legal experts for medical institutions, our attorneys also serve as a member of hospital's legal advisory board, as well as a member of the university hospital's ethics committee on clinical research and as a legal advisor.

[Examples of services and experiences]

  • ●General legal services related to management of hospitals / clinics (including patient care, labor relations, M&A, debt collection, etc.)
  • ●Support for medical and healthcare startups
  • ●Intellectual property support for clinical research
  • ●Legal support for the operation of medical associations
  • ●Clinical research review committee member, ethics committee member
  • ●Response to authorities (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, etc.)

Response to Anti-Social Forces and Unjustified Demands, AML/CFT

We have abundant knowledge, experience, and know-how regarding response to civil intervention violence against companies, and we represent financial institutions and business companies in establishing preventive systems against antisocial forces, cutting off relations with antisocial forces, recovering damages, and other measures against antisocial forces.
With respect to AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism) regulations, we assist financial institutions in establishing internal control systems with a risk-based approach, assist in management and auditing, and provide training.


Inheritance, business succession, general civil cases

Our attorneys have expertise and experience in inheritance and business succession, and can help small- and medium-sized business owners resolve their concerns regarding inheritance and business succession. If necessary, we also work with affiliated tax accountants to address tax issues related to inheritance and business succession.
In addition, we have extensive experience in debt collection, traffic accident handling, personal bankruptcy and voluntary liquidation, domestic affairs, and criminal cases involving individuals as our clients, and we are able to handle various types of disputes.